Five Ways to Make Cauliflower Taste Great – Super simple!

Five Ways to Make Cauliflower Taste Great – Super simple!

This will turn you into a cauliflower lover!! I never used to be a fan of this vegetable until I discovered these amazing ways to prepare it:

  1. Roasting is an amazing way to cook slices of cauliflower at 400F degrees until it’s golden browned, turning half way through. It’s great with parmesan cheese and salt and pepper, cooked for 40-45 minutes. Or, try it with this amazing sweet and spicy marinade recipe. Or try this lemon balsamic roasted cauliflower recipe.
  2. Steaming by covering with a lid over gently boiling water is delicious because it remains tender and juicy, just break into florets and cook on medium-high heat for about 4-7 minutes once the water’s boiling. Test with a fork; it should be soft enough to pierce with a fork, but not so soft that it becomes mushy. A simple squeeze of lemon juice is wonderful with salt and pepper. Or, season with all purpose seasoning salt or, with Trocomare® seasoning from A.Vogel.
  3. Ricing is a popular method right now. It comes frozen already done for you. Just follow the instructions on the package. Make a cauliflower rice pilaf style recipe like this.
  4. Boiling is great for mashing or to puree cauliflower in a food processor. It leaves behind lots of vitamins in the cooking water. But, you can buy cauliflower already mashed from your frozen food section of the grocery store. Mashed is a super-fast way to make cauliflower into a creamy sauce with this recipe I use over pasta like an Alfredo sauce or as a white sauce over pizzas.
  5. Cooking cauliflower florets in a microwave is one of the fastest methods. It’s best to cook from fresh. Buying colored cauliflower in gold/orange, green, white, or especially purple, is fun for a change. Just take a couple minutes to break the head into small pieces. It tends to cook unevenly, so you need to make sure your microwave turns as it’s cooking, and place the bowl on the outer edge. Use 2 tablespoons of water or, vegetable stock, for more flavor. There’s no need to cover it with plastic wrap. Cook on high for 3-4 minutes or until fork tender and still crisp. Season with salt and pepper and butter for a quick but delicious way to enjoy it. Or try this easy lowfat recipe for vegetable sauce which can be made in 5 minutes.

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