San Diego Spa Water: Easy, Fruit Infused Water at Home

San Diego Spa Water: Easy, Fruit Infused Water at Home

Blackberry Infused Water
It seems every hotel, spa or resort offers fruit infused
water to their guests. But, the server at the spa I go to regularly, finally gave
me the inside scoop on the flavored water they serve. I always look forward to
it when I’m there and enjoy it very much. I don’t know how much is what they
serve versus the services I enjoy, but, I realized, there’s no reason I can’t
enjoy it at home, too. Try my version
of the recipe they use.

I love to use it for catering, too. It looks so elegant and inviting. It’s great for lunch or brunch, also. Plus they’re so many interesting flavors to create. I commonly see lemon water or orange water. But even cucumber slices and mint are very refreshing. I love mango and blueberries, too. Really, any herb, spice, vegetable or fruit (except banana) is fair game to add to filtered or bottled water. Just let it sit in the refrigerator or in the sun for an hour or two. And, it’s okay to add sugar, or flavored drink mix as well. The key is to keep it subtle, refreshing and slightly sweet.
Excellent inexpensive entertaining with fruit infused water
Overall, the California spa industry has grown at a fast
pace over recent years with total revenues in the sector almost doubling
between 2001 and 2011. Spas can be found across the country and appearing more and
more venues. In addition to massages, facials, and nail treatments, many spas
have diversified to include targeted relief from injury and illness,
aromatherapy, minor cosmetic surgery as well as more traditional treatments. The
spa I attend is where I have my hair done, so I visit at least once a month for
that, too. According

to my San Diego local friends, the best Hotel/Spa Resort there
is The Grand Del Mar. In fact, Trip Advisor ratings concurs, listing it as number one
of 269 spas in San Diego, and also number one in the U.S.

San Diego Spa Water
Makes: 1 pitcher


1/2 C     Fresh Blueberries (plus extra to garnish, if desired)
1/2         Mango, chopped into 1″ chunks (plus extra to garnish, if desired)
1/2-1 env  Great Value Sugar Free Energy Dragon Fruit Drink Mix (available at Wal Mart) (About 0.88 oz per envelope)
1-2 T     Granulated sugar (optional)


Add chopped fruit and berries to pitcher. Sprinkle fruit with one (or 1/2) envelop of drink mix (and sugar if using). Add half a pitcher of filtered or bottled water. Stir gently. Fill with Ice cubes and refrigerate until ready to serve, or within 2 hours. Fill individual glasses with ice and fruit, if desired. Then, fill with spa water to serve.

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