Santa Monica Blueberry Fig Coleslaw Salad

Santa Monica Blueberry Fig Coleslaw Salad

Blueberry Fig  Coleslaw Salad
Delicious and easy to make ahead! Bring this crowd pleasing salad
to a summertime potluck meal or barbecue, only if you don’t mind getting a lot
of recipe requests. Because, even though it takes an extra five minutes to make
the dressing, it’s well worth it because it really makes the salad!

This is so versatile, too. Any berries will do. Any nuts or dried
fruit will work, also. If you don’t have fresh figs in season, just use the
dried ones in a pinch. (Like I did here) Make the dressing in advance and store
in the refrigerator, and layer the rest of the salad
We’re all about al fresco entertaining and bright colors

ingredients in a covered
big bowl together the day before. All you’ll need the day of, is a couple of big
spoons to toss the salad and dressing together. Do this right before serving, keeping it in the shade. Recipe below:

We love year round al fresco dining in Santa Monica, and
throughout California. Here are some trendy California outdoor entertaining tips:
  • Simplify your life by pulling the bar cart out and serving
    your signature pre-mixed cocktail, such as Margaritas or Hurricanes.
  • Set up a s’mores station near your fire pit or outdoor
    fireplace. Whittle away the ends of small branches to use as rustic marshmallow
    cooking tools.
  • Gourmet flavored popcorn bars or stations, meaning a
    combination of large bowls covered with colorful kitchen towels (or lidded glass jars) filled
    with popcorn, with labels and small serving bowls.
  • Bright, bold and intense colors are really hot right now, such as
    oranges, yellows, pinks, purples, lime green, or turquoise. Add color with brightly hued
    fabric napkins, ceramic or melamine platters, paintable garden furniture, or
    accent pillows. 

Santa Monica Blueberry and Fig Coleslaw Salad
Serves: 8; Double the recipe for a potluck if desired
Salad Dressing Ingredients:
1 ¼ C  Best Foods
1/3 C   Granulated Sugar
¼ C     Champagne
1 t        Magic
Salmon Seasoning by Chef Paul Prudhomme
¼ t       black
1 C      Fresh
¼ C     Pecans,
coarsely chopped
½ C     Golden Raisins and/or figs
1 C      Fresh
Dates, coarsely chopped (or ½ dried dates)
1          16oz
package coleslaw: red, green cabbage and carrot mix
1          Carrot,
shredded (if desired)
Combine first five dressing ingredients in a medium bowl.
Whisk well to combine. Cover and refrigerate for an hour. Combine coleslaw mix, raisins, dates, nuts, blueberries, carrot, and to a large
mixing bowl. This recipe makes more than enough for about 1 package of coleslaw
mix. Add dressing gradually by ¼ cup full to bowl and mix to determine when
you’ve added enough to lightly wet all coleslaw mix. You’ll have extra
dressing, that when refrigerated, lasts about a week.

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