Easy L.A. Tangy Cucumber Appetizers

Easy L.A. Tangy Cucumber Appetizers

Armenian cucumbers are super convenient and tasty for an
easy summertime treat. Since you don’t need to peel them first, they are ideal
for quick snacks, buffet appetizers and salads. You’ll notice, when sliced, they have a naturally scalloped shaped that is pretty, too. I love to make easy appetizer snacks
by topping French bread slices spread with flavored cream cheese and cucumbers. The secret
and tangy ingredient in the cream cheese is Ranch Salad dressing. It’s so
simple, fast and delicious. Just right for easy pool side snacks. These are my, “I’m starving…what can I make in 2 minutes?” favorite snack!

There are now varieties of seedless cucumbers available,
but, I still prefer just to use young cucumbers before they develop the big
seeds. My favorite seed company for home growing vegetables is Seed Savers . They have a wonderful
variety to choose from. Always my first stop to try growing a new variety for
anything in my garden.

Easy L.A. Tangy Cucumber Appetizers

Makes: about 15 slices
1 C          Philadelphia
Brand Whipped Cream Cheese
1/3 C      Original
Ranch Dressing
¼ C         Chives
(optional), very finely cut (dill works well here also, but reduce to 2 T)
1              Armenian
cucumber, into ¼”slices, not peeled, sliced in a food processor for even sizing
1              Loaf French
bread, not baguettes


In a small bowl combine ½ of the chopped chives, the
cream cheese and dressing. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until needed
for up to 3 days. Slice French bread into desired sized slices. Spread with
cream cheese and chive mixture. Top with cucumber slices. Garnish with remaining
chives, if desired. Serve.

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