Strawberry Chambord Sauce Topped Yogurt and Granola

Strawberry Chambord Sauce Topped Yogurt and Granola

It’s a Potluck Breakfast Supreme! It’s so seldom that I attend a potluck breakfast that I had to give it some serious thought. It needed to be something I could make in advance because there’s no way I’m waking up any earlier than I already do! I decided to make the fresh granola recipe the day before (but, you can use store-bought, instead), and the strawberry Chambord sauce the evening prior. That way, I only have to stir the yogurt and top it with the sauce the morning of the potluck. Easy and fast! Serve with granola on the side

Strawberry Chambord Sauce Topped Yogurt and Granola
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This 5 minute sauce will blow you away! It's extremely good!
Recipe type: Sauce
Cuisine: Californian
Serves:: 8
  • 1 lb. Fresh Strawberries
  • 2 T Chambord Liqueur
  • 2-3 T Honey, according to taste
  • 2 lbs. Lucerne Low-fat 1% Yogurt Strawberry flavor or Vanilla
  1. In a large skillet, add all ingredients (except yogurt) and simmer for five minutes over medium heat, stirring occasionally.
  2. When cooled, pour sauce over strawberry yogurt and serve with home-made granola.


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