You’ve Got to Try This! – Bloomingcamp Ranch Farm-to-Table Dinner Club

You’ve Got to Try This! – Bloomingcamp Ranch Farm-to-Table Dinner Club

A night to remember! If you can imagine a gorgeous park-like setting, perfectly ripe fresh foods, al fresco dining on a grassy, shady spot near a pond, at an historic ranch….it will sound romantic, casual, exceedingly friendly and welcoming…it was! What a wonderful night!
Hosted by farmers and entrepreneurs Mathew and Cortney Smith, it was held north-east of Modesto, in Oakdale, California, on June 19th, 2015, at the Bloomingcamp Ranch. Find out about the dinner and what has made farm-to-table dinners so exceedingly popular in California.

“Farm-to-table” is the concept of purchasing
locally grown food directly from the source
, the farmer or rancher. The term comes from the idea that
the less time and fewer hands it takes for the food to get from the farm to the
table, the fresher, more environmentally sensitive and community minded it is. This
can mean a healthier future for you through sustainable agriculture.
Which is a way of growing or raising food, including
animals, in an ecologically and ethically responsible manner using practices
that protect the environment, safeguard human health, are humane to farm
animals, and also by providing fair treatment to workers. Eating “sustainably”
means eating food that is grown or raised according to these principles.
point is, sustainable agriculture can feed the world without damaging the
environment or threatening human health.
This can also mean participating in a CSA (community
supported agriculture) program
near you. Typically, at local hubs or pick-up
locations, once or more per week, as individuals and families who have pre-purchased
food directly from a grower to support the farms in their communities. Often
called “farm boxes”, these are cardboard boxes filled with seasonally grown
produce and other items such as eggs, that consumers purchase from farmers. It
greatly benefits the consumer with access to fresh, organic foods and the
farmer can receive a much higher price for their labors and investments by
selling more directly to the consumer.

More about the Dinner
The dinner club at Bloomingcamp Ranch is hosted by the Smiths,
who passionately believe foods grown locally and correctly can provide you with
the most fresh, healthy and delicious foods. They also sell at numerous farmer’s
markets surrounding the Central California Modesto area. So, in addition to a
farm to table dinner, or CSA box subscription, you can purchase your food directly
from a Farmer’s Market. This way, you can become personally involved in sustainable
agriculture and improving your health, by enjoying the best, most delicious
food around.
The Bloomingcamp dinner club, held monthly from May to October starting this year, is a great example of Farm-to-table (or farm-to-fork) dinners. See their website for details on the next dinner club farm-to-table event, held on the third friday, each month at 5:30pm. 
Here was their menu on June 19th, 2015, catered by Grgich Family Catering.

Salad course
Fresh picked romaine and mixed greens from Lucky #19 Ranch with glazed Smith Bros. Farming walnuts and Ewetopia Dairy Feta Cheese topped with Grgich Family Catering’s strawberry vinaigrette.

Main course
Dave’s Meat, Herb Crusted Pork Loin with pureed turnips and fire grilled vegetables drizzled with Lucky #19 Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Dessert course
Rancho Azul Blueberry and Burchell Nursery Yellow Peach Cobbler in a jar a la mode.

The beverages included: Cardella Winery wines, water, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Soda and Coffee.
The wonderful handmade dinner rolls were courtesy of Bloomingcamp Ranch Bake Shop. This is where you can buy seasonal pies, turnovers,cookies, and soon breads will be offered as well. They are also a CSA source and have a farm stand coming soon. Now open 7 days a week from 9-6 and Sundays 9-3.

The dinner I attended was exceptionally good! The wines provided by Cardella Winery were very nice. And, even though I’ve been eating produce from Farmer’s markets for years, this was the first dinner I had where everything was incredibly fresh and tasty. Overall, it was a fantastic experience! Hope you can try one near you!

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