Santa Barbara-Recipe-Melon & Prosciutto

Santa Barbara-Recipe-Melon & Prosciutto

Santa Barbara’s climate is often described as being Mediterranean. Referred to as the American Riviera, both because of its relative distance from the equator and it’s similarity to the French Riviera and Italian coastal cities. It’s a gorgeous location about 1-2 hours drive north of Los Angeles, on the highly affluent Pacific coast of California, with a distinct Spanish style influence to its architecture. Here’s an economical inspiration from the area’s effortless California elegance that’s a snap to prepare…
Using Prosciutto from Parma, Italy, really lends an air of authentic European artisanship. I found it at Whole Foods. About 3-4 very thin slices is all you need from your deli. It cost less than $4, but has amazing flavor and tastes wonderful. To prepare, sear prosciutto slices in a large skillet on medium-high heat until crispy. Cut into manageable bite sized pieces and serve with wedges of honeydew melon slices for the fresh contrast of sweet and savory flavor and crispy and refreshing textures. Serves 2-4 as an appetizer.

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