Anaheim Pistachio Lemon Mini Cheesecakes

Anaheim Pistachio Lemon Mini Cheesecakes

You can easily make these in under 30 minutes. They taste
just right; not too sweet or tangy. These fresh and delicious creamy treats can
satisfy your sweet tooth without doing major damage to your diet. Even if you
stop at enjoying four of these, it’s still much less than a full slice of
cheesecake. Personally, I know if I’ve got a full slice before me, I’ll eat the
whole slice. But, when I serve these, I usually eat only two because of the
nuts in the crust;

it’s a bit more filling and satisfying. I’m certain they
taste best served chilled on a warm and sunny day at an amusement park, but this is a great recipe
for any time of the year.

Anaheim Pistachio Lemon Mini Cheesecakes
Yields: 24 mini individual cheesecakes                       Serves: 6-8 people
½ C      Unsalted pistachio
nuts, ground fine
½ C      graham cracker
crumbs (4- 4 segment pieces )
3 T       Granulated
3 T       Melted,
unsalted butter
1ea       Large egg
1 C       Philadelphia
brand whipped cream cheese
¼ C      Granulated
1 t        Vanilla
2 t        Lemon zest
24 t      Dickenson’s
Lemon Curd
Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Using non-stick baking spray,
spray 24 mini muffin cups. For crust, mix nuts, sugar, crackers and sugar
together. Add melted butter and mix thoroughly. Take 1scant tablespoon of crust
mixture and place in bottom of each cup. With a pastry tamper, gently press
down so mixture is firm in bottom of pan. Set aside. In a small bowl combine
cheesecake ingredients and mix with electric mixer until smooth, about 2
minutes. Pour 1 scant tablespoon of cheesecake mixture into each opening of
mini muffin cups over nut crust mixture. Bake for 14-18 minutes. Mixture will
puff and possibly crack, but not overflow. Once cheesecakes are slightly
browned around edges, and gently pressing on top doesn’t leave a mark, remove
from oven and allow to cool. They will sink a bit in the center. At this point, the cheesecakes can be refrigerated
for up to 24 hours. Before serving, top with 1 teaspoon Lemon Curd per

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