12 Healthy Fall Meal Recipes | Plus Snacks & Desserts

12 Healthy Fall Meal Recipes | Plus Snacks & Desserts

Healthier Cooking How-to’s:

If you want to eat healthier, a great place to start is by cooking from scratch with whole foods, and fresh ingredients. These healthy fall meal recipes will help you start replacing calorie and fat laden ingredients with healthier ones. If you have picky eaters, this is a great way to begin eating better. You’ll love the change and no one will notice the difference! Each one of these recipes includes a technique for healthier cooking and eating.

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How big is your healthier eating commitment?

Changing from not cooking at all to cooking from scratch, can be a big difference in behavior. These recipes all incorporate healthy cooking changes that are easy to reproduce. These stealthy tips will make a significant change in your diet. Start thinking about cooking or cooking healthier at home, eating less processed foods, and better portion control. Maybe it’s one healthier meal per week, or possibly each dinner. The point is to begin improving your diet in deliberate ways. You’ll want more fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens at each meal. And, if you need to start from scratch, start here for truly delicious meals you’ll love!

Check out these delicious recipes that will teach you valuable techniques you can use with any healthy Fall meal recipe:

Breakfast – vegetables, quiche, and scones

Roasted Breakfast Hash- Eating more vegetables

Easy Zucchini Quiche – Eating more vegetables

Pumpkin Scones with Maple Pecan Glaze – Eating more whole grains for greater fiber

Lunch- 3 fall salads with homemade dressings to replace store-bought dressings, and eat more vegetables

Healthy Waldorf Salad with Creamy Cinnamon Dressing

Apple Broccoli Raisin Nut Salad with less Mayonnaise Dressing

Hot Spinach Avocado Bacon and Egg Salad and Dressing

Dinner- Chicken, hearty soup, and rolled ham & chicken breasts| More fruits and Vegetables

Chicken with brandy persimmon sauce

Heart Pasta Fagioli Sausage, Bean and Vegetable Soup with Pasta

Chicken Cordon Blue with ham and cheese

Snacks or desserts- Quick bread, and 2 types of healthier cookies

White Chocolate Pumpkin Quick Bread- Substituting fruit and vegetable purees for oil

Whole Wheat Walnut Raisin Oatmeal Cookies – Replacing oil with applesauce

Ginger Spice Cookies – Using spice mixes to amplify flavor



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