Vegetable Noodle Bowl & Sauce – The 5 steps you need to make a great one!

Vegetable Noodle Bowl & Sauce – The 5 steps you need to make a great one!

How to Make a Great Noodle Bowl:

Use this as a template for any noodle bowl you would care to make. This is plant based eating at it’s finest! The best part? You won’t believe how good this tastes! When you can make the vegetables in advance (or heat them in the microwave), it makes bringing together a bowl of delicious, clean eating a delight! In this case, cook the vegetables in the microwave, while you boil the noodles and make the simple light teriyaki sauce on the stove. That’s right, multitasking makes this all hot at the same time. The fact that it’s easy to do, can be just between us!

The five steps you’ll need are:

  1. Cooked noodles
  2. Cooked vegetables
  3. A sauce to drizzle over it
  4. Hummus dip
  5. Garnishes of raw vegetables, nuts, seeds, or herbs, to garnish. Links below for recipes for every step and amounts or other options.

Sauce for Your Noodle Bowl:

Use this lighter, healthier teriyaki sauce that only takes 8 minutes to make or, if you’re happy with store-bought sauces to drizzle on this bowl, you can skip this part.

Easy Ginger-Garlic-Soy Sauce – A lighter, healthier teriyaki sauce in 8 minutes!

Vegetables for your Noodle Bowl:

You can use any fresh vegetables you want for this bowl, but here’s a link to: Butternut Squash, Peas and Carrots – Use frozen to save time!

Butternut Squash, Peas & Carrots – Use frozen to save time!

If you want to use Asian style noodles, look in your grocery store for rice noodles, but, I used Barilla Thin Spaghetti because it only takes 6-7 minutes to cook and I love the taste. You could also use vegetable noodles, or high protein noodles instead.

Hummus for Your Noodle Bowl:

Every savory noodle bowl can use hummus, a chickpea dip you’ll love! Here’s how to make hummus from dried chickpeas, or use store-bought if you prefer.

Instant Pot Hummus – No Tahini, No overnight soaking; 1 Hour from dried using a pressure cooker!

A Great Noodle Bowl & Sauce - The 5 steps you need to make a great one!
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Easy, healthy and simple cooking! You can even top this with freshly made or rotisserie chicken from the grocery store if you want!
Recipe type: Protein Bowl
Cuisine: Californian
Serves:: 4 bowls
  • 4 C Thin pasta noodles, cooked ( about 1¼ inch thick diameter bundle when held in your hand)
  • 3 C Cooked vegetables of your choice (steamed, microwaved, or roasted are great)
  • 1 C Garlic Hummus, store-bought or homemade
  • ¼ C Raw vegetables, to garnish, if desired
  • ¼ C - 1 C Light Teriyaki sauce, or any type you like
  • ¼ C Chopped peanuts, or any type of nuts
  • 2 T Toasted sesame seeds, to garnish, if desired. (Could use chia seeds)
  • 2 T Chopped herbs, parsley or chives work well to garnish
  1. Evenly divide hot, cooked noodles between four bowls.
  2. Add warm vegetables to bowls.
  3. Add pre-made hummus, and chopped raw vegetables to garnish each bowl.
  4. Drizzle light teriyaki sauce over vegetables, especially over noodles.
  5. Garnish with nuts, seeds, and fresh herbs and serve warm.

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