CA Cuisine

What is California Cuisine?

Our Style

Fresh, sustainable, and healthy foods are the focal point of California cuisine; with an emphasis on the presentation and appearance of the food. Other critical elements involved in this cuisine reflect the trend towards vegetarianism, in a nod to the health conscious crowd.


Thanks to the mild climate and agricultural abundance and diversity in California, the state is known for producing massive amounts of produce for the nation and the world; most notably, avocados, exotic citrus and stone fruits, pomegranates, kiwi, artichokes, and tomatoes.


Seafoods are staple foods used in California cuisine. Protein is frequently provided by beef, chicken, or tofu; lamb and pork are not used as often.


Foods are frequently cooked quickly on a grill or stove, thus preserving color and freshness.

Ethnic History

Throughout California’s history, immigrants have made the state their home and the food in the region is a reflection of this cultural integration. Due to the state’s diverse cultural background, California cuisine has been a mixture of food from all corners of the earth for quite some time; most noticeably, Mexican, Spanish, Asian, French, and Italian influences.