Napa Warm Grape Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad

Napa Warm Grape Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad

Besides wine, grapes also make a wonderful salad. The tangy qualities of the grapes and blue cheese, combined with the bite of pepper, makes this an unusual and memorable side dish. Here’s how to combine the richness of the walnuts and blue cheese to make a creamy flavored dressing you’ll want again and again…

4 C Fresh seedless grapes, cut in half lengthwise (any kind you like or a combination)
2 T Water
¼ C Walnuts, chopped
¼ C  Stilton Maytag Blue Cheese, chopped finely
1 pinch or less Cayenne pepper
Over medium heat, warm split grapes and water in a skillet. Add cayenne pepper and walnuts and warm. Take off heat and add blue cheese; stir until melted. Serve warm. Serves 6.

Napa Warm Grape Salad Side Dish

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