Health & Wellness Vision Board Workshop or DIY

Health & Wellness Vision Board Workshop or DIY

How To Make a Health & Wellness Vision Board

Ever since the book and movie The Secret were released, people have been making vision boards and hoping for the law of attraction to take place, waiting for their dreams to come true. They seemed to be missing a step! That of taking action! It is far more powerful to identify exactly which goals to work towards. Don’t get me wrong, dreaming is one of the first steps. But, you have to commit to an action plan and set a time limit. Since that time, it seems everyone from Oprah to Ellen have made vision boards and publicly praised the virtues and benefits. The following is a step-by-step plan to create a compelling vision board. This is a highly effective tool that you can use to manifest your deepest dreams, passions, and goals. It involves brainstorming, thinking deeply about your priorities and setting your intention.


Gather Supplies

Get a nice size sturdy poster board. I like 22″ x 28″, but, you can use any size you like. Rubber cement is nice, but you can use glue sticks or paste to start with. The subject is health, so look through magazines you have at home, or even go to a good bookstore with a supply of magazines. Don’t limit yourself to just your favorite magazines or even health magazines. You may find a word of inspiration in a Field and Stream magazine! I love Simple Living and Oprah’s magazine’s as well as inspirational and healthy cooking magazines. Have a supply of pens, markers, and scissors available. The point is, to gather images and words that will motivate and inspire you.

You’ll Need Pictures, Words, and Phrases

Start looking through your stacks of magazines. Tear or cut out words, phrases, and pictures that really “POP” when you are looking through. You may not use everything you tear out. Don’t worry, this exercise is to pull together items that you are attracted to.

You may know exactly what your health care provider has stated that you need to do. Is it to lose a number of pounds? Get your “numbers” to normal? Increase or begin exercise? Start meditating, get massages? Reduce your stress? You may want to add more whole foods in your life, or move more in the coming year. Get very specific and CLEAR!


Sort Through Everything

It is now time to look through your words, phrases, and pictures. Take your board, and start placing or grouping words and pictures in a way that feels right to you. There will be pictures and words you don’t use because they no longer feel right or fit. What areas of your health or wellness do you want to transform? Does it include exercise, eating less junk food, a particular type of diet, or getting healthy enough to reduce any medication you might take? Get clear on what it is you want to manifest in your life.


Time for Intention

This is the most important step you can take with creating a board! You need to plan a quiet time and really spend time exploring what it is you really are wanting to achieve. It really should be a “heart” goal. This is a goal YOU really want in the deep parts of your heart. For example, you think it would be great to lose 30 pounds this year, but you really don’t believe you can achieve this goal. You may need a health coach to help you work through some mindsets or false belief systems before you can connect in your heart with a goal you want to achieve.  Click here to find out more about how health coaching could benefit you.


Take time with this process

When you are content with the look of your arrangement, start gluing the content to the board. Feel free to write on it, add glitter, make a wheel design with a picture of you at the center, or anything you would like. State specific goals that include: What? By when? How much? What will your life look like…or feel like, when you accomplish this?

Take plenty of time to create the vision for yourself! After you create the visual representation of your very deep “heart” desires, then branch out and create one for other areas in your life. You can create a family, work, self-employed business, or vacation board. This would be a great family project, too! In my Health & Wellness Vision Board Workshops, we take an entire day, have lunch, have all the supplies and tools ready, and create an environment of  inspiration and support. We laugh, we cry, but, mainly we get very clear on what we want for ourselves and create a tool to take action and get results.


Why vision boards works

Once your board is complete, you’ll be surprised by how effective it can be. But, it’s your intent, the power of your subconscious mind, along with a daily  practice to focus on the “feeling” of your deepest desires and goals, that makes it come about. This is the process of creation. You must create it and see it in your mind before you see it take place.

Or, as Dr. Phil says, ” You’ve got to name it, before you claim it!”


Go to a workshop instead

If you would rather undertake this process in a small group setting with everything provided for you, including lunch, check out our Facebook page here for upcoming vision board workshop events!



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