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Meet food blogger Linda Davis, a chef and wellness advocate who lives in Madera, the center of the California’s richest agricultural valley. She lives with her Caesar-salad obsessed husband, Karl, whose everyday business is diagnosing illness and prescribing medication as a Physician Assistant.

Linda’s Story: From culinary school to disastrous medical diagnoses, these are the original recipes I developed and ate while I fought to regain and eventually enjoy vigorously good health. From seven daily medications to none, which included painful injections, this is how I created a healing and healthy diet for myself. Like many Americans, my struggles included obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. When 3 close family members suffered from cancer in one year, I knew I had to get serious about my own health!

Along the way I learned to love salads, vegetable side dishes and get creative by adding a distinctive twist and healthier update to my former favorite recipes. It was important for me to learn to incorporate meatless main dishes and reduce meats in general. I started drinking healthy protein fruit and/or vegetable smoothies and snacking on energy and protein bites and balls to keep from getting too hungry. I also relied on detox drinks and infused waters to drink more water, to feel fuller. This is how I was able to get to a healthier weight, and earn my way off all medications, because I no longer required them.

Since changing your style of eating is difficult, I gradually made the transition over six months, which still continues to improve today. One thing that helped was when I started eliminating sandwiches and substituted lower calorie and lower carbohydrate, wraps. Then I got excited about wrap spreads. I realized that for me, a plant-based diet made me feel my best. I Although you’ll find lots of great recipes with meats, soups and pastas, dairy, and eggs, too! Not that I didn’t have some diet buster high-calorie desserts , especially cookies and cupcakes. I once ate an entire bag of Pepperidge Farms macadamia nut cookies, which can happen if you feel too deprived. So, I learned much smaller portion sizes, regular meals, and some minimal snacking was also critical to my success.

The bottom line…

I hope you’ll be inspired to cook, eat, and live healthier! Mostly, I hope you’ll find among the 500+ recipes what you need to inspire your own good health! No matter where your diet is starting from, you’ll find the right type of recipe to improve your diet among these pages! Thanks for visiting!




B.A. in Management, Organizational Development from Fresno Pacific University
Culinary Arts Certification from Fresno City College (2 year program)

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