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Linda Davis

26 Seasons Ct.
Madera, California (Central California)
Phone: (559)355-3771

Welcome to my blog!

LIVE WELL! Explore fresh and healthy California cuisine with Chef Linda Davis. Follow the best of her cooking tips, easy entertaining recipes, and culinary travel ideas throughout her native California in search of good food, fine wine…and new friends.

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Linda Davis, a healthy foods enthusiast, Personal Chef, and secret cupcake eater, is a culinary school graduate of Fresno City College, who lives in Madera, CA, the center of the San Joaquin Valley, for the past 25 years with her Caesar-salad obsessed husband, Karl.

As a free-lance writer, she’s a passionate food blogger/photographer/recipe developer for her blog at:, and is devoted to writing about California-style foods, wines and lifestyle. A tireless volunteer at numerous non-profits, she is preoccupied with feeding and supporting the many food needy in the San Joaquin Valley, and has dedicated the proceeds from her upcoming book to doing so.

About / My interests:

This blog began as a reason and reminder to get the most out of life by doing my favorite things and sharing them. I’ve continued to visit new wineries, take time for the picnics I adore, and cooking and sharing the recipes I develop. I also make an entertaining Speaker about topics such as the farm-to-fork movement, simple, healthy cooking, and how to shop and cook locally.

My cookbook in progress

I plan to share about the absolutely delicious and unique foods grown and raised in California, particularly near my home in the San Joaquin Valley. I love sharing recipes reflecting our rich cultural heritage, and the simple, fresh, and healthy foods you would buy at a farmer’s market and how to cook them for your friends and family.

I currently live in Madera, in Central California, which is north of Fresno. I have easy access to San Francisco, Los Angeles and all the wineries and restaurants in between. I’ve lived throughout California and have had the pleasure and opportunity to get to know many regions extremely well.


B.A. in Management, Organizational Development from Fresno Pacific University
Culinary Arts Certification from Fresno City College (2 year program)

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