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Meet Linda Davis, a chef and wellness advocate who lives in Madera, the center of the California’s richest agricultural valley. She lives with her Caesar-salad obsessed husband, Karl, whose everyday business is diagnosing illness and prescribing medication as a Physician Assistant.

No more cupcakes!

Follow her journey emphasizing whole foods eating, as she tries to conquer her cupcake loving past, by developing simple recipes that make eating healthier, and taste great! As a long time food blogger, when she was personally confronted with diabetes, high blood pressure, and a brother suffering from cancer, she was determined to embark on a change in diet that would reverse the need for prescriptions and lead to a longer and happier life.

She’s passionate about sharing simple and healthy recipes that any food lover can use to make a smoother transition to eating for health AND pleasure! She encourages cooking with recipes using the most powerful foods to fight disease, which are fruits and vegetables. A whole food, plant-based diet, along with physical activity and stress reduction, has shown the most promise in long-term disease prevention and survival.

How she overcame her trouble with weight and high blood pressure!

After six months of intensely improving her diet, her food philosophy is now mainly based on a diet high in vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and legumes. She prefers to eliminate animal meat, dairy, sugar, and food additives. This has allowed her to lose weight, and eliminated the need for blood pressure medication. She has also reduced her need for diabetic medications, and hopes to reverse her condition entirely. She can show you how to enjoy eating the best nutrition and flavor in the most delicious way possible!





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